Kracken Wash - 1 Gallon - Vinyl Oxidation Removal - Gutter Cleaning

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Kracken Wash - Vinyl Oxidation Removal - Gutter cleaning Brightening - Fleet Wash and House Wash

Also available in 5 gallon buckets and 55 gallon drums. Contact us for a quote.

A one of a kind formula, Kracken Wash was formulated to easily remove oxidation from painted surfaces such as vinyl or aluminum. Unleash the Kracken by down streaming a 10:1 mix onto the surface, let dwell approximately 5 minuets before reapplying again at the same mix ratio. Once the second application dwells for an additional 5 minutes, evenly rinse the surface using mild pressure with the intent of ‘flushing’ all traces of oxidation from the surface.

Kracken Wash is also for gutter cleaning and removing "tiger stripes" from gutters. Watch the video and you'll see how well it works.

Kracken Wash also can be used for fleet washing and "bleach free" house washing. Just dilute further and get Kracken!

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