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Kranzle 1122 TST Electric Pressure Washer 1,400 PSI 2.1 GPM

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Kranzle 1122 TST Electric Pressure Washer w/ 1,400 PSI, 2.1 GPM,110v, 15 Amp Induction Motor

Pressure Washer Perfection!

Detailers, weekend warriors and home owners love the Kranzle 1122TST as it has the perfect combination of PSI and GPM for washing a car and lite duty around the house pressure washing. There is nothing better in its class. It's not uncommon for a Kranzle to last 20 years with proper maintenance and service. Auto detailers agree this machine is the perfect PSI/GPM for washing a car, especially paired with the Dirt Killer Kranzle auto detail kit. But, it also handles general house washing and flat surface well. 

On the commercial side, the 1122TS is often used in manufacturing, silk screen shots and lite duty property management and sanitation.

When you need the absolute best lite duty commercial grade pressure washer that will last many, many, many years, you need a Kranzle 1122TST - Pressure Washer Perfection.

Specs and accessories:

PSI: 1400 max adjustable

GPM: 2.1

Electrical Requirements: 110V, 15A, 60Hz

Weight: 80 lb

Dimensions: 40 inches length, 13 inches width, 17 inches height

Accessories: Hose reel, 50FT high pressure hose, Gun-jet, Lance with vario-jet nozzle, Lance with turbo nozzle, chemical injector.

Warranty: 1 year commercial, 2 year residential.

*With proper use and maintenance, Kranzle pressure washers are known to last 20 years.

Manual: Download PDF >>

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“We have been using the Kranzle 1122TST everyday for the last 12 days. And it is a very practical, durable and high quality electric pressure washer. [...] It is our new #1 best electric pressure washer pick.” Jamey Kramar of

What's in the box?


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I adjust the PSI on the pump?

A: Yes, most people never touch the unloader valve as it is perfectly set from the manufacture.

Q:  Can it run dry?

A: Yes, but it is not advised. It's always best to turn the water on first.

Q: Do I need to do any assembly when the Kranzle after unboxing?

A: Yes. Just 3 screws: 1 screw on hose reel handle.  2 screws for electric cord holder.

Q: Can I use soap with the Kranzle 1122?

A: Yes -The Kranzle comes with a chemical injector. Just drop the siphon line into your chemical, use the vario-jet in low pressure soap mode, and start spraying.

Q: Can I use stand alone water tank with the Kranzle 1122TST?

A: Yes. All Kranzle pressure washers are self priming pump. In fact, the self priming feature can draw water up a vertical connection up to 5FT. 

Q: Can I use a foam cannon with the Kranzle 1122?

A: Absolutely. Check out our auto detail kit.

Q: What comes in the box?

A: 1x Kranzle 1122TST, 1 x gun-jet. 1 dirt killer lance with tubro nozzle, 1 x other lance with vario-jet nozzle, 1 x, chemical injector hose, 50 FT of hose, hose reel.


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