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Kranzle Dirt KIller Turbo Nozzles - Rotary Nozzle - Spinners

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Kranzle - Aka Dirt Killer Turbo Nozzles - Commercial Grade

Kranzle created the original turbo nozzle called "Dirt Killer".  Their patented design has served hundreds of thousands of professionals through the years.  MSC, QC supply, Hog Slot, and even competitors use the Kranzle Dirt Killer Turbo nozzle. Why? Because it is just a d*mn good rotary turbo nozzle. Order one today and you'll see why Kranzle Turbo Nozzles is simply the best on the market.

Even our pressure washer competitors use Kranzle turbo nozzles in their set up

Turbo nozzles are also called rotary nozzles and/or spinners because they spin.

*With an adapter, the turbo nozzle can be used with non-Kranzle machines.

Use this to choose the right orifice size for our machine.

*The 1622TS and the 1122TST use a nozzle with a 4.5 orifice (Yellow).

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