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Kranzle vario-jet nozzles - Soap injector tips

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Stop changing tips - Use A Vario-Jet Nozzle from Kranzle

If you are tired of changing tips from fan, to stream to soap injector, use a Kranzle Vario-jet nozzle. This little beast will save you a ton of time. Just twist to change the pattern from a 45 degree angle to a stream and anything in between. Got a soap injector? Pull the sleeve back, and you are in soap mode with a variable pattern as well. Kranzle vario-jet nozzle save you time. Remember time is money!

*With an adapter, the vario-jet nozzle can be used with non-kranzle machines.

Use this to choose the right orifice size for our machine.

*The 1622TS and the 1122TST use a nozzle with a 4.5 orifice (Yellow).

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