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Mango Grotto - SH Mask - 1 Gallon - Pro pressure washer scent

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"Oh my that smells good!" the home owner will say. "Yeah, it does" the neighbor will say. "Can you wash my house too?" The neighbor will ask you. Oh yeah, not only did you impress your client, but you picked up another custom just because you mask the unpleasant smell of sodium hypochlorite when you washed your clients house. This is NOT a made up story. Pro's tell us this all the time. If you want want to advertise your  services through smell, this is one of the best products on the market to do. The only thing better might be some of the other Dirt Killer masking scents.

Mix ratio: Up to 500 to 1. This means 1 gallon of Mango Grotto will mask the scent of 500 gallons of bleach. For best results mix at time of use, not before.

*Mango Grotto has NO cleaning properties. It is purely a scent added to your SH mix to make it smell nice. Mango Grotto can be added to nearly any washing agent to mask the odor except an acid based cleaner.